Coffee in Issaquah

Do you love coffee like me?
I heart good coffee, every morning I have a home brewed cup of Tony’s Coffee from PCC. After that I normally drink a vanilla latte or a short mocha once at work.

I finally got to try Philz Coffee while in L.A. They freshly grind the beans and brew your cup as you wait. It tasted fresh and foamy. It had a different flavor than I am used to, but I enjoyed it. I would definitely go back for a fresh pour over coffee there.

While in Issaquah, here are some of my favorites.
-PCC drip & lattes (their smoothies are amazing too)
-Issaquah Cafe (of course) – they use Stumptown Coffee and the drinks are smooth
-Cafe Ladro – Strong but good lattes & mochas
-Starbucks near the QFC on Gilman – I like the atmosphere there and usually like to meet up there

Where do you go for great coffee near Issaquah?
I would love to know. Thank you for reading.

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