Today’s Costco Haul for $144

Costco Haul

My local Costco is in Issaquah obviously. It has a nice selection since Costco HQ is right across the street. Today’s Costco shopping haul cost exactly $144, including tax.
What did I get at Costco today?

Here’s my list of Costco items:
-Hormel pre-cooked bacon
-1 bag of broccoli
-Pack of Pentel mechanical pencils
-2 jars of toasted sesame seeds
-1 pack of Kirkland Brand Roasted Seaweed
-1 bag of Brioche Hamburger Buns
-1 Bag of English Muffins
-1 case of Izze Soda
-1 vacuum pack of pork ribs
-4 pack of A1 Steak Sauce
-1 box of mini pizza
-2 Pack Columbus Salami
-1 Box Kirkland Brand Organic Apple Sauce Pouches

No coupons used

Costco Haul

Costco Haul

We heard that the mechanical pencils were really good so I had to pick some up for my middle school son. I heard from my friend Chris that Costco carried toasted sesame seeds over a year ago. This is the first time ever I actually saw them so I picked up 2 jars. They are by the spices. I will make school lunches with the salami and Brioche hamburger buns. I used to buy the La Brea Torta buns by the bakery, but my kids told me that they are too chewy. Izzy sodas are also for school lunch.

What are your favorite items at Costco?

Our staples usually consist of:
-Aveeno Lotion 2 pack
-Kirkland Brand toilet paper
-Kirkland Brand paper towels
-Kirkland Brand small tissue boxes
-Kirkland Brand baby wipes
-Kirkland Brand Ibuprofin
-Kirkland Brand Allegra Generic Allergy Pills
-Kirkland Brand contact lense solution
-Kirkland Brand Adult gummy vitamins
-Kirkland Brand Chocolate Milk (shelf stable)
-Kirkland Brand office clear garbage bags (I use these for kitchen garbage)
-Kirkland Brand black peppercorns
-Kirkland Brand Garlic Powder
-Kirkland Brand Organic Maple Syrup
-Kirkland Signature Plastic Wrap
-Reynolds Wrap Aluminum foil rolls & sheets

I heard that #1 seller of Kirkland Brand online was Amazon not Costco! People are buying Kirkland Brand at Costco and reselling them online at Amazon Marketplace.
Kirkland Brand selling on Amazon

Evidently #1 selling Costco item on Amazon is Kirkland Brand Minoxidil – Hair Regrowth Foam (generic for Rogain). No wonder they are often sold out when my husband goes to stock up. Some people just don’t like to venture into Costco or buy a membership. To us, the membership is well worth it. I think if Costco steps up their eCommerce strategy, they can increase their online sales greatly. Little bit of online marketing can go a long way even for traditional companies like Costco.

Please comment above with your favorite Costco items!
Thanks for reading 🙂