Costco Breakfast Sausages – Amy’s Sugarhouse Maple Chicken Sausages

Costco Amy's sausages

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are having a great summer! It has been really hot and dry here in Issaquah this summer. It seems it gets hotter every year!

We tried a new item from Costco recently. Amy’s Organic Sugarhouse Maple Chicken Sausages. We tried this as breakfast sausages. My family DID NOT like these sausages! Maybe they are used to pork breakfast sausages or Kirkland Brand bacon. We felt these were way too sweet and had a strange chicken flavor and texture. The appearance of the sausages were appealing, especially after pan frying them golden brown.

Needless to say, we won’t be buying these again, sadly I ended up throwing away more than half the packages. Have you tried these sausages? Did you like them? I am still searching for restaurant like breakfast link sausages that taste great. Please comment on your favorite Costco breakfast items!

Thanks for reading!

-Issy Mom

Coffee in Issaquah

Do you love coffee like me?
I heart good coffee, every morning I have a home brewed cup of Tony’s Coffee from PCC. After that I normally drink a vanilla latte or a short mocha once at work.

I finally got to try Philz Coffee while in L.A. They freshly grind the beans and brew your cup as you wait. It tasted fresh and foamy. It had a different flavor than I am used to, but I enjoyed it. I would definitely go back for a fresh pour over coffee there.

While in Issaquah, here are some of my favorites.
-PCC drip & lattes (their smoothies are amazing too)
-Issaquah Cafe (of course) – they use Stumptown Coffee and the drinks are smooth
-Cafe Ladro – Strong but good lattes & mochas
-Starbucks near the QFC on Gilman – I like the atmosphere there and usually like to meet up there

Where do you go for great coffee near Issaquah?
I would love to know. Thank you for reading.

Zushi Sushi Restaurant Review, Issaquah

Zushi Sushi Issaquah Bento
Zushi Sushi Issaquah

Zushi Sushi Issaquah

I heard about a good Sushi restaurant in Issaquah. I drove by it a few times and thought nothing of it based on it’s location at a run down strip mall and a plain sign. I read some great reviews on Yelp so decided to try it out.

Despite the terrible exterior and location, inside is cozy and inviting with a modern looking sign. This sign should also be on the outside to entice customers in I think. We ran into some people we know who were enjoying a variety of sushi. The place had a steady stream of customers on a Friday night. We ordered a bento with chicken Katsu (no pork Katsu available) which came with Spicy Tuna Rolls, 4 assorted nigiri sushi, fried pot stickers, miso soup and a salad. The salad was fresh and not doused with too much dressing. The Miso Soup was luke warm, it should be served warm. Nigiri sushi was very good and fresh. I think they know how to cut and prepare sushi here.

Zushi Sushi Issaquah Bento

Zushi Sushi Issaquah Bento

We also ordered a Tempura Roll with spicy mayo and Agedashi Tofu. Agedashi Tofu was a bit plain to my taste, would not order that again. Tempura roll was good with a nice crunch, but little too big for one bite. We saw our neighboring table enjoying Ama Ebi (raw sweet shrimp) and it was served with the head part deep fried like it should. That looked very good.
Tempura Roll Zushi Sushi with spicy mayo

Tempura Roll Zushi Sushi with spicy mayo

Zushi Sushi Agedash Tofu Issaquah

Zushi Sushi Agedash Tofu Issaquah

Overall, I think sushi is prepared nicely here, oh and did I mention they have FRESH wasabi? That is pretty rare, especially in Issaquah. Zushi Sushi is run by Koreans (Sushi Chef Jeong worked at the W Hotel in Seattle and learn about sauces in France), and the tempura shows it. In all my life, never had that tender, airy, crispy and light tempura at a non-Japanese run Japanese restaurant. Service was friendly and attentive. If you ask for hot tea, they will bring a lovely pot of Genmai Cha (green tea with roasted grain), a nice treat. Total check including drinks came under $60 for two. The meal was enjoyable, not amazing, but a great addition to Issaquah. Try it out, Zushi Sushi is located next to Lover’s or Joker’s Pub below Fred Meyer on the way to Costco.

Zushi Sushi
Open 7 days a week
11 AM – 9 PM


Ramen Bushi-Do Restaurant Review — Issaquah

Excitement built as rumors of a ramen place circulated on Issaquah Highlands Facebook page. I couldn’t make it to the soft opening, so finally got a chance to try Ramen Bushi-Do last weekend. We heard that the owners were from the Dough Zone chain so we knew that the noodles would be tasty. Ramen Bushi-Do is located near Taco Time and Mirchi Indian restaurant on the way to Issaquah Costco.

The decor was clean and modern and service was prompt at seating us. We tried the Tofu, Kaarage (fried chicken bites) Miso-Tonkotsu ramen and Tonkotsu ramen. The tofu was fried and marinated with good texture, served with a side of seaweed salad. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Karaage was just okay, we missed Kukai’s chicken wings.

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen Bushi-Do Issaquah Tofu

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen Bushi-Do Issaquah Tofu

Miso-Tonkotsu ramen noodles were thick and good. The broth however was not great, average. The complex, deep flavor of ramen broth is not easily created. Tonkotsu ramen came out late, very late, we were almost done eating when it made an appearance. It was not hot either, ramen needs to be piping hot, not sure what happened. Unlike Kukai Ramen (now Kizuki Ramen) in Bellevue, the soft boiled eggs are included in all ramen. Spicy ramen is not available but you can order the chili sauce on the side for extra $1.50. Price is a couple of dollars higher than Santoku Ramen and Kukai without the great flavors of those establishments.

Final verdict: We will not be going back for their mediocre ramen. For the price, lukewarm temperature, bland pork slices and flavor, it’s not worth it despite the convenient location. Did you try Ramen Bushi-Do in Issaquah yet? What did you think?

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen Bushi-Do Issaquah

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen Bushi-Do Issaquah

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen Bushi-Do Issaquah Chili sauce

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen Bushi-Do Issaquah Chili sauce

Issaquah Little League 10U All Stars

ISSAQUAH Little League 10 U All Stars

This Issaquah mom is proud to have a son on the Issaquah Little League 10U All Stars team this year. Big thank you goes out to our little league coach (a.k.a. coach daddy and our IBC (Issaquah Baseball Club) coaches. So far, there’s been lots of excitement, practices, get togethers and interesting experiences. All the games are at the Mercer Island South Ball Fields as Issaquah is a part of District 9 tournaments. Good luck Issy boys!! Way to go!

Issaquah Little League All Stars Selected — Issaquah Press

District 9 Baseball
Issaquah Little League
Mercer Island Little League
Redmond North Little League
Redmond West Little League
Snoqualmie Valley Little League
Sno-Valley North Little League
Falls Little League
Kirkland American Little League
Kirkland National Little League
Sammamish Little League
Eastlake Little League
Bellevue East Little League
Bellevue West Little League
Bellevue Thunderbird Little League

Grand Ridge Elementary 4th Grade Recorder Concert

Grand Ridge Elementary 4th Grade Recorder Concert


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a very special treat for you.  A video from the 4th grade recorder concert at Grand Ridge Elementary.  This concert was last Thursday and it was a special treat!  The kids sounded much better than I expected.  They were truly adorable and really got into playing their recorders.  I’m sure the parents and animals of Issaquah Highlands are glad that the concert is over.  Great job 4th graders and thank you to Ms. Badgley!  Enjoy the video and some pictures.


Easter Service at Eastridge Church in Issaquah

Easter service at Eastridge Church 2016

Easter service at Eastridge Church 2016

This Easter, we attended the 9:00 AM service at Eastridge Church near Issaquah Fall City Road.  We have been attending Timberlake Church at the Issaquah Highlands move theatre, but started attending live service at Eastridge.  Eastridge has a bit of that Southern Baptist feel compared to Timberlake.  Both Pastor Ben (Timberlake) and Pastor Steve (Eastridge) are great preachers.  We were glad to attend the early service before it got super busy and crowded for the main 11:00 AM service.  Hope everyone had a great Easter despite the rain.

My sister brought over an Easter basket full of goodies, but again this year, I did not make Easter baskets for the boys.  They did not ask for one either.  Am I a mean mom for not giving them baskets?  I think they have plenty of treats, not sure if they need more.  It would be a fun thing for them though.  Maybe one year I will go big and surprise them.  Do you make baskets for your kids for Easter?


Issaquah Little League Opening Day 2016 at Dodd Field

Issaquah Little League Opening Day 2016

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day for baseball.  We started off in the morning at Issaquah High School Boys Varsity Baseball Team game at 9 AM.  It was fun to watch the big boys hit and throw so fast.  After that, it was the start of the Issaquah Little League 2016 season at Dodd Fields.  We saw some great talent out there from the young boys (& girl(s)) and kids generally having a great time.  This year, we have one boy in Coast and another boy in Majors, it’s going to be a fun season for sure.  We could not ask for a nicer day for the opening day, many people were out in t-shirts and shorts.

Dodd fields feature 2 nice turf fields and electronic score boards with recent improvements made.  Only thing lacking at Dodd Fields are real restroom facilities.  There is a porta potty for emergencies though.  It’s great to see many sponsorship banners posted along the fence this year.  Thank you sponsors for supporting Issaquah Little League and thank you to all the volunteers and coaches.  Let’s play ball and enjoy the 2016 season!

Issaquah Little League

Mirchi Indian Restaurant Review – Issaquah, WA

Mirchi Indian Restaurant Issaquah
Mirchi Indian Restaurant Issaquah

Mirchi Indian Restaurant Issaquah

Mirchi Indian Restaurant Issaquah

Mirchi Indian Restaurant Issaquah

There’s a new Indian Restaurant in Issaquah — Mirchi Indian Restaurant.  We had lunch there recently and it was delicious!  It is located right next to Taco Time on your way to Costco.  The entrance is confusing as there are many doors into the restaurant.  Mainly it is frequented by Indian families, so it must be good, rigfht?   Once we were settled into our booth, we ordered hot chai and 2 Samosas to start.  Samosas are turn-over type of appetizer that are filled with potatoes and other veggies sauteed in light curry sauce.  It was served with 2 great sauces.  Then, we ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, and Vegetable Biryani.  It was filling, satisfying and delicious.  Tikka Masala was just as you would expect, rich and creamy.  They also have Butter Chicken if you prefer that.  Veggie Biryani was also delicious, lightly spicy and served with curry sauce and yogurt.  I also enjoyed the red onions served with the Biryani.

Their lunch specials which comes with Naan sounded good for weekdays.  I am so glad that there is a good Indian restaurant near by and we don’t always have to drive all the way to Renton for Naan ‘n’ Curry.

  • Mirchi Indian Cafe
  • 5625 221st Pl SE
    Ste 100
    Issaquah, WA 98027

    b/t 56th St & 60th St

  • Phone number(425) 651-4344

Update: 12/18/15

We visited Mirchi Indian Cafe again.  This time we tried the Dosa (big pancake like dough) and had the mango lassi and Tikka Masala again.  Mango Lassi is pre-made, not bad, my son finished it.

Dosa Mirchi Issaquah

Dosa Mirchi Issaquah

The husband did not like Mirchi as much as Tikka Masala on Gilman.  He said the food got cold right away.  I think they don’t heat the serving plates before adding food.  We did not like the Dosa, too greasy for our taste.  I would still return for the lunch special though.  I will have it to go and heat it at home.  This is still a fairly new restaurant and I’m not sure if the owners operated a restaurant before.  Two times in a row, we had to wait to get seated for a long time before anyone noticed.  This happened to each customer as we were seated.  I do like the separate take out counter though.  Not a perfect restaurant, but worth a try in Issaquah.

Coconut Thai Restaurant – New Thai Food in Issaquah

Coconut Thai Restaurant Front Street Issaquah
Coconut Thai Restaurant Front Street Issaquah

Coconut Thai Restaurant Front Street Issaquah

There’s a new Thai restaurant in town, Coconut Thai on Front Street, downtown Issaquah.  It had great reviews so we decided to try it out last night for dinner.  We arrived just before 5 PM to avoid the crowds — we did not have to wait at all.  Friendly staff seated us at one of the booth seats.  We ordered spring rolls right away with our Thai Iced Tea.  They came out not too long after, accompanied with sweet sauce, delicious and perfect start to our meal.  We were very hungry as we did a short hike on the Grand Ridge Trail earlier in the day.

Next, we ordered Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken, Padseew with Beef (kids’ favorite), and Red Curry with soft Tofu.  Pineapple Fried Rice was delicious with a unique flavor, different than other Thai recipes.  Our son detected nuts in the dish, which is unusal.  We asked the server if there were any nuts in the rice, and he replied “no”.  However, we can see and taste big chunks of cashews in the dish.  Personally I loved the cashews, but if our other son would have ate it, it would have been dangerous as he has nut allergies.  So, be careful about ordering as they may think peanuts are the only dangerous nuts, in fact cashews can be just as deadly for nut allergy sufferers.

Padsew Thai noodles at Coconut Thai Restaurant Issaquah

Padsew Thai noodles at Coconut Thai Restaurant Issaquah

Padseew tasted good, there were some large chunks of cabbage in it as fillers, which we haven’t seen before.  The flavor was good and the kids enjoyed it.  Red Curry with Tofu was good, but nothing to write home about.  It also had too much fillers, this time too many bamboo shoots.  We also ordered Coconut Ice Cream, which came with some chopped peanuts sprinkled on top, delicious and a perfect way to end the meal.  As we were paying for our check, the server brought my son a complimentary coconut cupcake to take home.  That was a sweet touch.  We will be back, but we will be very careful about the nuts in the dishes.

Coconut Ice cream Coconut Thai Restaurant Issaquah

Coconut Ice cream Coconut Thai Restaurant Issaquah

Our Order:

Spring Rolls

Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken

Padseew with Beef (noodles)

Red Curry with Soft Tofu

Side order of Jasmine Rice

Coconut Thai in Issaquah Front Street Yelp Reviews

Coconut Thai Restaurant

660 Front St N
Issaquah, WA 98027

b/t Clark St & S 2nd Ave

Phone number(425) 392-8893



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